Are VPN legal?

23 Dec 2017Admin

 The increasing of a VPN-services popularity is the well-known fact, especially when it comes to censorship or restrictions of the Internet-freedom. Is VPN legal? Many internet-users seek answer to this question and we will help them.

 The story of VPN creation has begun at 90th. It was related to many threats, which was caused by cyber-criminals, well-known as black hackers. A growth of the financial services, which were provided through the Internet, increased an interest in personal data of the users. Other threats are related to the governments of some countries, which implemented the Internet-censorship, media corporations, which implanted geo-restrictions to access their content and ISPs, which collected and sold information about users’ internet activity. Is VPN illegal? The short answer is “no”, but here are some exceptions, which should be explained.


  Restrictions of the law

 Virtual Privat Network is an excellent tool to restore legal rights to privacy and anonymity on the Internet, but on the Earth there are few countries, where VPN is illegal. Citizens, who use VPN in these countries, could be imprisoned or get a fine. Some governments allow using VPN, but providers need to get a special license or permission. Certainly, such licensed VPN-service is sniffed and cannot protect the anonymity of the customer, who wants to bypass censorship. Using non-approved VPN-services threatened with the fine.

 The heavy-handed laws are operating in Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Myanmar, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yemen.

 Also in some countries which are mentioned above the access to popular resources like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google is forbidden. All people, who live in one of these countries, and want to get access to these resources should know, that VPN services are illegal for only their government because of their censorship policy.


  Restriction of the rules

 Even though, many people use VPN to be protected on the Internet, there are still a lot of accidents, which are related to violations of the inner corporate rules. It is not a secret that VPN allows to by-pass the corporate firewall. We believe that this option was developed to cover productions necessity. If you use VPN in this case your activity is a violation of corporate rules of the company or organization, even though using the VPN may not be illegal.


  Restriction on region-based principle

 In 2014 Hulu started blocking the users, whose IP-address’ belonged to VPN-providers. In that year a lot of film production companies have begun to press Netflix in order to block users, who watch it via VPN access. The main goal of these and others restrictions is a protection of a copyright  without causing discomfort for customers, who are abroad and want to watch their favorite streams.


  Note for “bad boys”

 Many VPN providers are warning their customers to do illegal activity while using their service. They have own effective methods to detect and prevent such illegal activity, which includes:

      •Propagation or distributing child pornography;
      •Committing fraud or theft;
      •Spreading malware etc.


 To summarize it is important to recognize, that VPN is a good for protecting personal data,  using public WiFi safely and bypassing censorship and other restriction that violate the main human rights. VPN might be used to commit illegal activity, but this is a mistake of people, not VPN.

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