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15 Dec 2017Admin

 When a user is interested what is VPN, this means that he wants to be secure. Are all VPN-providers the same? What is different between free VPN and paid VPN? We are going to talk about it.

 The previous article “How to email and download files securely” reveals the need of using VPN. Using of VPN protects your personal data and anonymity during internet sessions. There are a lot of VPN-providers that provide  different services to protect their customers. Some of them are free, others are trial, and others are paid. It isn’t secret that folks don’t like to pay for things, which are available for free. But there are two key points: safety and quality of the services.

 To be honest, not all free services are legitimate. Some new companies, which come on the VPN-markets, may provide free VPN-services with a lot of restrictions, to advertise paid services. As usual, they offer a trial or premium versions. Also, free VPN can be offered by none government organizations. How to understand what free services are true and legitimate? The next signs indicate that VPN-service is legitimate:

      • You have found out about a company via true sources.
      • Website has a solid design and is registered in a well-known domain zone (.com, .net etc.)
      • The address and contacts of the company or organization are shown on a website and are not fake ones.
      • If it isn’t NGO, there is paid packages for extra services.

  •  These few simple steps save your personal information, which can be interrupted or stolen through so-called VPN-provider-lures.

 The second problem is related to quality of paid and free VPN-services. Let us look at the main characteristics of the VPN-services.


 Security is the main reason to use VPN for most users. Free VPN-providers, as usual, are providing VPN-tunneling via PPTP protocol, rarely L2TP protocol. The main drawbacks of these protocols are the weak protection of PPTP and slowness of L2TP. Paid VPN-providers are offering these ones and a lot of other protocols like OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2, which are encrypted up to 256-bit AES-encryption. When it comes to your safety, better choice is paid VPN.


 The wide-known fact is that ISP sells activity-data of their customers. So more of the free VPN-providers do the same and vice versa, the privacy of a customer’s internet-activity is an important purpose the paid VPN-providers’ activity. If you look for the privacy of the internet-activity, you need the paid VPN.


 As was mentioned above, people like free VPN-services because they are overused by the users. Thus it is expensive pleasure to run VPN-server which is able to support hundreds or thousands users’ connections. So the speed of free VPN connection won’t satisfy you. Paid VPN-providers are for those, who need high-level speed connection.


 Some of the VPN-providers have more than 2100 servers, which are placed in the more than 130 countries. Because of the high cost of hardware for the VPN-server, only the largest paid VPN-providers are able to provide quality services whole all the Earth, which will available 24/7/365.


 The bandwidth, switch servers, speed, traffic and other limits are the consequences of the expensive cost of hardware. And bandwidth doesn’t allow unlimited services for free VPN provider. If it matters to you, your choice is obvious.


 If you love free VPN you should also make sure, that poor support or absence of any support and compatibility for your devices/OS is fitted for you. Support is a team of people, which at least needs to eat and rest, even if they are enthusiastic. The paid VPN-providers have a 24/7 support team and apps, which are compatible with most of OS and devices.

Bottom line

 These are not all pros and cons of the free and paid VPN. But this information is the main and gives you the understanding of all benefits and gaps. Now you can do your choice with open eyes, and we expect that you will choose reliability and safety.

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