How to download torrent securely?

21 Dec 2017Admin

 Torrent clients are programs for downloading torrent files. Although they have appeared long time ago, not every user knows how to download torrent anonymously. The popularity of the torrent clients (BitTorrent, µTorrent, Transmission) are related to the ability of uploading or sharing files to other torrent users at maximum speed that is allowed by ISP regardless of file size. Every user who has downloaded a torrent file at least once knows that his IP address is visible to other users. This fact has its disadvantages.

 Why is it matter?

 Why do users want to hide the fact of downloading torrent files? There are three main reasons to get down torrents anonymously:

1. Violation of copyright law. Files that are downloaded or distributed may be protected by copyright.

2. Reducing the bandwidth by a provider. The torrent traffic usually is not a priority for the ISP. If the torrent-client activity is detected by ISP, it limits the speed of downloading content.

3. Protecting the privacy of personal online activity (privacy of your own internet activity). The person does not wish to disclose information about Internet content they consume.

  There are several ways of the anonymous uploading and downloading torrent-files. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which directly affect the degree of hiding torrent activity. Let us look at them, starting with the most effective.

The VPN provider

 The use of VPN service providers guarantees the highest level of anonymity and security when downloading torrents. On the one hand, most of the popular VPN providers do not conduct any logging activity of the client and do not save its IP address. On the other hand, the connection between the client and the torrent server passes through encrypted channel, which is hidden in the virtual tunnel. This means that even the ISP can fix the fact of the connection to the Internet but can’t find anything about downloading torrents. The only disadvantage is that you should pay to VPN service providers.

 Seedbox providers

 Seedbox provider is the remote server, which is located in a modern data center and allows you to download files at high speed up to 1250 MB/s. User that is registered  in seedbox, can use the service to download and store the torrent files remotely. This method allows to be anonymous while the torrent is downloaded, and to bypass the ISP restriction. Some seedbox providers allow payment of services with cryptocurrency. High level of the anonymity can be achieved using seedbox via the VPN-connection.


 Proxy servers are divided into ordinary, anonymous and high anonymity. They are easy to find using the search engine and even easier to configure. The working principle of proxy is similar to work of the VPN provider, but there are some significant differences that are unknown to the average user. If you are using anonymous proxy the IP address of the user is replaced by the IP of the proxy server, however, this occurs already after passing through the ISP server. Thus, even if the connection to the proxy server happens through HTTPS, the ISP will see its real IP. This method is suitable if you need to download torrent quickly and free of charge without revealing your location to some siders.


 Downloading torrents via Usenet it securely but not anonymously. Usenet provider allows you to upload files from the Internet, substituting the IP address of the user on the IP of the Usenet-service. However, data of connections is logged on the Usenet server provider. The advantages include speed of upload, access to previously uploaded files and connecting to Usenet server via HTTPS Protocol.

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