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Access blocked sites and share information securely at high speeds. The biggest cons: no mobile version.

  • 128+ VPN servers
  • Connect to 35+ countries
  • 10-day money-back guarantee
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Full overview

October 2022

This VPN service has coincide all best features of other such services. Its strongest sides and cons we will name below. But first of all, the Trust.Zones  console features are very noticeable –  it is a combination of yellow and blue colors and the prominent «connect» shield icon above. Below some place is reserved for various utility tabs, means status of the particular user, servers, settings, and different exit tabs. The server tab shows a list of the available servers and offers at this very moment and also tile viewing options.

If you are online, the status tab indicates lots of useful for all customers information about your connection (moreover, you are able to change language for your easy usage). Thanks to this settings tab, you are able to see who you are logged in as, the client’s preferences and your current subscription plan. The Trust.Zone is not supersaturated. It doesn’t have any unnecessary options which will only confuse you, the service looks enough professional. Nevertheless the last updating was two years ago.

Speaking about the price. It is simple enough. First of all, you have the free trial for the first 3 days of usage. After there are the paid packages: monthly or for the whole year. And you will have over 50 locations, 1GB of data transfer and unlimited bandwidth.

  •  Available payment through Bitcoin cryptocurrency
  • High security with 256-bit AES encryption
  • Own DNS server with “log-free” policy
  • Modern High-end hardware
  • Fast and unlimited VPN connection
  • Apps for routers
  • Technical support 24/7 through email or live chat
  • 10-days Risk Free (money-back)
  • Available payment through Bitcoin cryptocurrency
  • No mobile app
  • No advanced options

Privacy & security

 No doubt, all your personal information will protected and you will be able to visit any desirable websites or apps anonymously. Keep in mind, Trust.Zone offers all the users to pay with Bitcoin, which is not only convenient, but helps to remain anonymous for all the time. As we said earlier, Trust.Zone is located in the Seychelles, so the service is under their local jurisdiction. Nevertheless, this VPN meets all the criterias set by PrivacyToolsIO. Trust.Zone  utilizes proprietary DNA servers for most of the queries, but they also use Google DNA in some other cases.



Speed & limits

The speed is not the best or the worst. Some users mention better speed on other servers, as well others do not. For example, UK servers dished out better speeds than the US ones. We need to add that we conducted some tests, we haven’t experienced any disconnects or any similar issues. Also the mobile performance wasn’t spectacular, but still worse attention. The browsing was very spry, without any difficulties.




The Trust.Zone is easy to use on different gadgets (it doesn’t play any role what device you are using – tablet, smartphone, computer, laptop or else). Moreover, you are able to use it with Linux, OS Windows, Android, MacOs/iOS etc. But it is not the end of the list – the full one you can look through on the lead page of the official website.




Don’t worry, if this is the first VPN service you are using and you are not competent yet. There is nothing to learn – some clicks will be enough to start your work with Trust.Zone correctly. What is more – all icons are signed and all you need is to read and follow the instructions. Nothing special.



Customer support

Of course, you won’t feel «alone in the middle of the sea» as Trust.Zone’s support is on the high level. But notice that it can be reached by filling out the support ticket form. Only this way. The live chat is available only from Monday to Friday, 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM GMT +0.




It is the VPN service of mixed experience. Trust.Zone is perfect in some areas and lag a bit behind the pack in others. It is admirable that you will not even notice that it is there thanks to the easy setup. The price is really fair and comprehensible. However, P2P and torrent support is good news, and so is having 3 devices to connect with at the same time.