What is VPN and how it works?

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 Daily information search, social networking, Internet banking and online shopping are the realities of modern life, closely related to the Internet. Every user of the Internet should know what VPN is and how it works, if doesn’t want his network activity to be watched or personal data to become easy “prey” for hackers.

During web surfing, sending an e-mail or shopping online, confidential information is transmitted via the Internet (for example, passwords, credit card data, personal information etc). That violates the individual’s right of privacy or causes financial damage. Do you want to have a secure access to your email, to surf public Wi-Fi network safely and visit the websites that are blocked by the principle of the region? If so, it is time to get acquainted with VPN.


  Working principles of VPN

 Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an encrypted virtual channel that exists between two or more devices connected to the Internet. In other words, it is a “tunnel” that transfers protected data between “client” and “server”. There are two main types of VPN services: network-based VPN and client-based VPN. They work on the same principles but used for the different aims. User-”client” uses the VPN service as a facilitator for networking through one of the modern encryption protocols (IKEv1, IKEv2, SSTP, OpenVPN, SoftEther, PPTP, SSL, etc). This model of transmission of information protects from interception and using of confidential data and complicates the monitoring of user’s behavior on the Internet. VPN protects connection regardless of the type of network and devices that are used. It doesn’t matter what you use, a wired network in home or office, or public Wi-Fi. VPN protects in the same way. In addition, work in the Internet network through the VPN gives many benefits.


  What VPN can’t do

 Although the use of VPN makes a life of Internet users easier and gives the opportunity to make the Internet more useful, open, free and protected, its capabilities are not limitless. VPN does not protect from Trojans and viruses that placed in the code of web pages and program files and from spam in your mailbox. Also, it won’t save your traffic from being spied if your device has already “wounded” by malware or virus.


  The main benefits of using VPN


Encryption of the transmitted information

 Another significant advantage is a reliable protection of work on the Internet. The encryption of information through VPN protects you from identity, passwords or financial information theft, even if you use an open Wi-Fi network. The cryptographic strength of the encryption depends on the selected protocol. If you select the most secure protocol, the only thing to compromise with will be data transfer rate.

Hiding real IP

 The possibility of replacing IP that is issued by ISP with IP address of one server of VPN service has several advantages. First, your real IP address is not available to bad guys that use various websites. Second, the advantage is the anonymity of Internet surfing. Neither ISP nor government organization will not be able to track websites that you have visited.

Avoidance of the restrictions of censorship on the Internet

 The governments of different countries, including the democratic ones, are increasingly declaring the necessity of the implementation of censorship on the Internet. Some of their arguments are not groundless; however, the desire for total control over the Internet threatens the freedom of expression. If in your country has implemented the censorship on the Internet, you can use VPN server that is located in a state with more reasonable laws.

Unlocking of the access to sites and applications

 Some of the website and online services restrict access by regional principle. With VPN you get an opportunity to visit these web resources (e.g., Netflix or BBC iPlayer, which are blocked in many countries) freely. There are many different services that test VPN on the leaks of IP addresses, DNS, and WebRTS, but it is the next important theme.

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